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Check Out With HPP

Your own Hosted Payment Processing Page. It works this way:


Your customer decided to buy a product, they add the product to the shopping cart.


Once ready to pay, the system redirects the customer to the HPP in a seamless manner. They enter their credit card information.


The transaction is completed and the HPP generates a receipt.

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The Benefits of This System

  • Fast and efficient setup so that you can start accepting payments sooner. You do not have to be a computer expert to make this happen.
  • Hosted Pay is designed to help protect your valuable date.
  • We have a “Pay to Link” feature. You do not require a website for the transaction to occur. No integration is required for Pay by Link to do its job. Send a link to the customer and they easily fill in the form and press enter and the transaction is completed.
  • Offer a great checkout page and your customers do the rest. In a secure environment.
  • If you need a solution that is quickly integrated, HPP will work for you.
  • Currencies are also handled on the HPP transaction page. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Google Pay as well as Apple Pay. You can transact in Canadian (CAD) and United States (USD).

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