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Save Time With Digital Invoicing

Store Your Customers Data

Store your customers data quickly, and turn that data into a digital invoice for your customers.

Built-In Payment Method

Invoices with a built-in payment method. What could be easier? Two clicks later and the customer has paid the invoice. Just two business days away from your funds being deposited.

Brand Your Invoices

Brand your invoices your way. Templates that can easily be modified to match your unique vision. More time to sell, less time to invoice.

Filter, Stop, & Modify Invoices

You have filters to find the unpaid invoices within the PayHQ platform, and you can quickly resend your customers their invoices. You can stop invoices as well. If you need to modify an invoice you can go to manual mode and accomplish this task easily.

Stop Wondering What Works

Real-time data on your dashboard provides a snapshot with locations and time and date to make it simple and efficient to make business decisions regarding your employees and your customers, combine that with product knowledge and you are in control.

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How Does It Work?

  • Easily customize an invoice. Logos and messaging can be added to all invoices. Adding a message and emailing the invoice are seamless
  • Build an invoice. Fill in the fields or pick an existing digital document and modify it to suit your needs.
  • Send the invoice. The customer now has options to pay the invoice through embedded payment options in the invoice itself.

Solutions for All of Your Company’s Needs