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Payfirma terminal

Traditional Terminals for Today’s Business

Terminals for today’s business transactions. Employing chip and PIN, tap and pay and mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and other mobile wallets. Your transactions are encrypted and they are not stored on the device. Worry less about security and think more about sales and revenue.

small business owner

Traditional Terminal Integration

Sensible Transactions® is compatible with numerous POS software platforms. With a wide array of terminals, we can have you accepting payments in no time. With end-to-end encryption your data is protected. Our terminals are fast and easy to use so you don’t miss as sale.

Sensible Transactions® is the compatible solution for today’s POS software.

  • Vivonet
  • NCR Aloha
  • MaitreD
  • Squirrel System
  • POS Canada
  • Profitek
  • GiveX (Vexilor)
  • Volante
  • Cluster
  • Cenium

Solutions for All of Your Company’s Needs