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Simple and Easy

“A virtual payment terminal on your web browser for the ultimate in convenience.”

If you have a device that connects to the internet like your laptop, you have a device that can be your payment terminal. The web terminal offers a streamlined process for transactions and authorizations, if needed they can also be used for refunds.

woman using laptop in office

Benefits of Web Terminal

  • Fast and efficient transactions, safely stored. Tokenization is used to help ensure you are PCI-compliant.
  • Process payments with the friendliest merchant platform. Just the information you need when you need it.
  • Real-time dashboard with snapshots of your daily transactions. Date-sensitive information with detailed information.
  • Simple and elegant. You can accept credit card payments on any device and process the payment at anytime, from anywhere.

Three Simple Steps

Step 1

It’s as simple as entering payment details for your existing customer, just enter the customer’s email. Now you can send the invoice.

Step 2

Create a profile for a new customer simply by clicking on “More Order Details” now you can create the new customer’s profile. Making it simple and easy.

Step 3

Complete the payment by sending a branded email or print a physical copy of the invoice.

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